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Conference Talks

OSINT and the Hermit Kingdom: Learning More About the World's Most Secret Nation
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Recordings can be found here:

Wild West Hackin' Fest
Circle City Con
Recon Village - Defcon
*nix Processes: Stopping, Starting, and Everything in Between

Presented at Packet Hacking Village.

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Lessons Learned: How To Plan For Automation
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Listening to the City: A Different Approach to Wardriving
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Additional Resources
Do You Believe In Life After Noise?
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Boston Dives Map

Because everyone says all the good bars in Boston are long gone.

Boston Dives Map
Man creates mapping tool to help locals find Boston’s best dive bars
Dorchester Man's Website To Find Dive Bars In Boston Gaining Popularity

Mass Pirates Projects

Camera Mapping
Massachusetts CCTV Map

Making the Massachusetts campaign finance data more easily searchable

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